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Mahish Guru

I'm reseracher in computaional modelling and simulations who is propelling progress by melding AI tools with multi-domain expertise accross industries. From electric vehicles to safety systems, I decode complexities and steer solutions, revolutionizing the industry. This digital hub showcases my journey – a testament to AI-infused problem-solving. Join me to explore the synergy of mechanics and algorithms.
My Skills
Masters of Science in Computational Modelling and Simulation
Technische Universitat Dresden (Germany)
1 Oct 2020 - Current
Bachelors of Technology in Automotive Design Engineering
University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun (India)
21 Jul 2015–1 June 2019
Senior School Certificate Examination
SLS DAV Public School, Mausam Vihar, Delhi (India)
1 Apr 2013–25 May 2015
Title: Implementation of on board diagnostics of failure in clutch and brakewires.
Status: Granted (India).
Patent no.: 201811009448
Title: Micro-Lattice Crumple Zone/ Crashbox for Automotive Vehicle Structures.
Status: Published (India).
Patent no. : 201811037611
Title: Retractable Wing Folding Mechanism
Status: Granted (India).
Patent no. : 201911054756
Title: A Modular Suspension Frame and Geometry for an Electric Vehicle
Status: Granted (India).
Patent no. : 202011021582
• Conference Paper-
"Design and development of a new type of impact attenuating crash-box using micro-lattice sandwich structure”
in FISITA World Automotive Congress 2018, Chennai.
• Journal Paper-
‘Aerodynamic Drag Reduction of Tractor-Trailer using Wishbone Type Vortex Generators’
International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology (IJRASET).
Volume 5 Issue IX, September 2017.
Academic Projects
Master’s Thesis – Outer surface defect detection and classification using metal forming simulations and deep learning.

Master’s Research Project - Inclusion of manufacturing defects in Non-linear Softening (Damage models) of additively manufactured metallic lattice struts.

Master’s Seminar Project - Using Finite Difference method to solve Non- homogenous and anisotropic bioelectric problems.

Bachelor’s Minor Project - Design and Development of On-Board Diagnostics of Pre-failure in Clutch and Brake Wires.

Bachelor’s Major Project - Structural Optimization of Heavy Truck’s Chassis using Bionic Design Philosophy and Meta heuristic Algorithms.

Developments of a Bio-mimicked Motorsports Rear Wing inspired from Humpback Whale’s tubercles for enhanced Aerodynamic efficiency in post stall region.
Work Experience
Internship and Master Thesis – Forming process simulation and Deep learning
BMW AG, München.
1 Sept 2022– Current
• Using strain and curvature data from simulation for predicting defect prone areas using Random forest, k-Nearest Neighbors and 3D Graph Neural Network.

• Using CNN based object detection and Anomaly detection architectures for defect detection and segmentation in Light line renders from Blender.

• Data generation of simulated body panels using ANSA, LS-Dyna and Python based automation workflows for Multistage Forming Process.

• DOE of explicit-implicit nonlinear FE method parameters for having final shell surface with minimum numerical errors so that outer surface defect evaluation can be done clearly.
Werkstudent – Multiphysics simulation of Li-ion Battery Pack
TESVOLT AG, Lutherstadt Wittenberg
1 June 2022– 31 Aug 2022
• Multifield coupling of Electrical-Chemical-Thermal fields in static Li-ion Battery pack in COMSOL Multiphysics.

• Least square Parameter estimation for 1D Lumped Mass Electrochemical model.

• Thermal field-3D Transient Finite element discretization and solver setup.

• Material property analysis of Samsung SDI cell for Electrode-Electrolyte conductivities.
Student Hilskraft - Multibody Dynamics of Yarn
Chair of Mechanism Design, TU Dresden.
1 May 2021– 20 April 2022
• Post processing of sensor reading and finding inertial inputs for FEM Simulation using MATLAB.

• Elastic-Multibody simulation of Yarn Dynamics in SIMPACK Scripting (Javascript)

• Modelling and Simulation of Frictional contact and Viscoelastic Elements.
CAE Engineering Consultant
Evage Automotive Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh (India)
1 Oct 2019 – 5 Oct 2020
• Electromagnetic simulation and plant modelling for AC Induction and SRM motor.

• Vehicle Dynamics for an Electric Light Commercial Vehicle- Vertical, Lateral and Longitudinal dynamics for Steering and Suspension.

• Steering and Suspension Linkage Optimization using fusion of Multi Body Dynamics, FEM and Genetic Algorithm.

• Two Speed Gearbox Complete Analytical Design and Validation using Explicit Dynamics.
CAE Research Associate
AeroSphere Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh (India)
5 Aug 2018 – 30 Aug 2019
Patents on novel materials and designs in aerospace and automobile industry.

Stress, Fatigue and Fluid-Structural-Interaction analysis using ANSYS Workbench, ABAQUS/CAE and Fluent.

Topology Optimization and Analytical calculation for aerospace and automotive component.
Summer Intern - Engineering Trainee
AeroSphere Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh (India)
4 Jun 2018 – 4 Aug 2018
CAD and CAM projects of two commercial aircraft companies for Wing-Rib and winskin.

Supersonic and hypersonic Numerical Flow Analysis in Ansys-Fluent.
Summer Intern - Troubleshooting Engineer
Audi's Overhauling Workshop - Reagent Garage Pvt. Ltd., Okhla, Delhi (India)
1 Jun 2017 – 30 July 2017
• Servicing all of Audi Sedans and SUV's. On-Board Diagnostics of Vehicles.

• Overhauling and Troubleshooting of Suspension, Transmission and Powertrain.
In the Nutshell 🔩

Welcome to my Engineering Portfolio, my motivation behind creating it can be summarized:
I have a keen interest in multiphysics continuum modelling and data-based approaches to improve product development using FE based generative methodologies and invent innovative solutions to increase the efficiency of the current manufacturing process by digitization. Above all, I consider myself a practitioner turned researcher and strongly believe that practitioners make the most difference in the world. I believe that those who push the intellectual boundaries for exponential development are always those practitioners who are motivated by the creative drive to enter research. Foremost, I feel inclined towards this position because it offers the perfect blend of practicing and research.

I hope to utilize my antifragile approach to test and develop software packages and algorithms for the targeted industries as I have previous experience in working in a wide variety of industries.

What I Do

Product Design and Development

I specialize in crafting and bringing to life innovative products. My technical prowess allows me to conceptualize, prototype, and refine designs that perfectly cater to specific needs. Throughout the development journey, I ensure that these designs not only work seamlessly but also prioritize safety and efficiency.

Consultation and Problem-Solving

My forte lies in dissecting intricate challenges and offering strategic solutions. With my engineering background, I'm equipped to provide expert consultation, identifying issues, suggesting improvements, and streamlining processes across diverse industries. Count on me to optimize performance and overcome technical hurdles.

Research and Analysis

I excel in delving deep into research and data analysis, unraveling insights related to intricate technologies or systems. Whether it's evaluating existing setups for efficiency and sustainability or uncovering potential enhancements, my skills drive informed decisions and push the boundaries of engineering practices.

Technical Training and Education

Sharing knowledge is at the heart of what I do. Through workshops, seminars, and training initiatives, I leverage my engineering expertise to equip individuals and teams with the skills they need. By doing so, I contribute to a proficient workforce capable of seamlessly integrating the latest technologies and methodologies.

A Super Engineer
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