Incubo Labs is Focused on

Futuristic Vision

Where simulation driven design and development are augumented by 3 dimensional Deep Learning and Machine learinng via utilizing Preceding data.

Automating Development

And fast-tracking development lead times by reducing the efforts of CAD and CAE engineers in detailed design phase.

Intuitive Design

Methodologies that harness real-world and simulation data to increase computational efficiencies and solve complex physics problems.


We help to create AI infused design & development strategies.

We never underestimate any stage of the project as they're all essential to meeting the ultimate goal. you'll be engaged in with our positive and enthusiastic outlook to engineering excellence.

Scientific Computing

We provide proficiency in advanced computational methods ranging from phase field methods to physics informed neural networks. We also provide development of model order reduction for high fidelity simulations.


We offer a range of services, whether it’s analytical design or electromagnetic simulation of electric propulsion system for fast pacing world of electromobility. Also, in circuit design and communication protocols for automotive electrical systems.

Solid Mechanics

Master’s and Doctoral level of expertise in linear elastic, non-linear plastic, viscoelastic and large deformation based finite element analysis eg. High speed impact simulation, quasistatic loading of multiphase continuum etc.

Industrial Engineering

By harnessing the power of cutting-edge modeling and simulation techniques enhanced by a Deep learning work flow, we offer tailor-made solutions, streamline production, improve supply chain logistics, or enhance overall performance, our services are designed to meet your specific needs.

Thermal & CFD

Design solutions for your HVAC, battery cooling systems and thermo-mechanical signature problems with computational validation using FEM, CFD and Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics.

Artificial Intelligence

We are also riding the large waves of disruption coming in with advent of AI and using it for data based acceleration of product development. We are providing services in object detection and segmentation, model fitting using data and hybrid physics induced machine learning techniques.

introducing algorithm driven design approach

Our Working Process.

We believe that our works can contribute to a better world.


Client Engagement and Requirement Analysis

Engage with the client to understand engineering needs, conduct analysis, and propose comprehensive consulting service that address requirements.


Engineering Analysis and Solution Design

Gather relevant data, analyze it to identify solutions and design comprehensive engineering solutions considering safety, efficiency, and compliance.


Implementation our artificial intelligence techniques

Develop a project plan, provide implementation support for our product, conduct quality checks, and document processes to ensure successful engineering project execution.

Dr. Sanjeev Bhardwaj Founder and CEO, ARMS
Gurmeet Singh Founder, Micromart
Abhishek Singh Founder, Veeco Electricals
Sanjeev Singh Founder, Steribug Labs
David Gargen Client
Quan Li Founder, Design Other

Working with Incubo Labs was an absolute game-changer for our product development process. Their deep expertise in computational engineering and machine learning helped us achieve unprecedented levels of accuracy and speed. The team's dedication and innovative approach truly set them apart.

Incubo Labs' analytical and computational modelling solutions have revolutionized our approach to structural design. The insights gained from their methodologies have led to remarkable improvements in our systems. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every project they undertake.

Incubo Labs redefined mold design for us. Their blend of computational modeling and deep expertise brought efficiency and precision to our mold development. The results were exceptional—shorter timelines, improved product quality, and cost-effective solutions. They're our go-to partner for cutting-edge mold design.

Incubo Labs transformed our engineering process by integrating generative neural networks into our design workflow. The outcomes were beyond our expectations—innovative designs, faster development cycles, and reduced costs. Their collaborative approach and technical prowess make them an indispensable partner.

Partnering with Incubo Labs was a strategic move for our dental company. Their mastery of finite element analysis greatly enhanced our product's efficiency. Their team's professionalism and depth of knowledge make them the go-to experts in the field

As a startup, we needed to create a cutting-edge technology prototype to attract investors and stand out in the market. Incubo Labs not only helped us build a powerful prototype design. Their expertise was instrumental in our success.

About Agency

Artificial Intelligence - The next Black Swan

“The Black swan is a highly improbable event with three principal characteristics: It is unpredictable; It carries a massive impact; and after the fact, we concoct an explanation that makes it appear less random, and more predictable than it was”

– Nassim Taleb



The invention of the computer, a Black Swan in mid 20th century paved technological revolution. 

The internet, a Black Swan that revolutionized the world in the late 20th century. Changed every aspect of society.


Black swan events, unexpected yet inevitable, shape our understanding of the world….


Artificial General Intelligence, the next black swan, will transform society in ways we cannot predict.

It will change our understanding of intelligence and consciousness, and usher in the era of accelerated development in ways we cannot yet imagine…



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