We believe that every project existing in world is a result of an idea and every idea has a cause.

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In this era of the 21st century, data science and machine learning offer us a deeper understanding of the complexities and dynamics of our world. However, relying solely on historical data and knowledge may not always yield accurate predictions, due to the limitations of computational resources. As Yuval Noah Harari famously stated, "Knowledge that does not change behavior is irrelevant. But knowledge that does, loses its relevance, data about history loses its relevance as history outdates." While data science provides us with a new lens through which to view the world, the numerical simulation of ODE and PDE gives our intelligent systems a keen perception that can overcome any limitations of our current algorithms.

Nassim Taleb pointed out that the man-made and machine-like systems are never the solution as they are not antifragile and hence susceptible to Black Swan events. According to us, the key to finding solutions is not just to learn, but to develop an intelligent and physics-based methodology. When these two elements are combined and repeated, the resulting iteration will be as elegant and beautiful as any other natural recursive process.


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Our Engineering Services and SaaS based products are known among the finest in the Industry. We cultivate smart ideas for start-ups and seasoned players.

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Deep expertise in diverse engineering disciplines, demonstrated by qualified, certified, skilled team members.

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Delivering innovative engineering solutions through creativity, cutting-edge technology, and proven success.

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Tailored solutions, exceptional service, proven satisfaction. Testimonials & case studies showcase our commitment.

We Put the 'E' in 'Effort' (Sometimes)
Mahish Guru

Co-Founder, Executions and Technology Head

Raj Sutariya

Co-founder, Executions and

Technical Head

Dharmik Patel

Co-Founder, Business Lead and operations

Fardeen Zaidi

Principal Engineer (Mechanical)

Yash Suhagiya

Principal Engineer 


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